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Chief Jonathan Alatoru V. Economic And Financial Crimes Commission [EFCC]

Following a Public Notice Wherein Chief Jonathan Alatoru was Declared wanted, and mention made
of the contract for the construction of a Skill Acquisition Centre in Egualaba Edo State
as awarded
by The Ministry of Niger-Delta affairs to Chemtronics Nigeria Limited as well as a contract finance facility granted
Chemtronics Nigeria Limited by Sterlin Bank PLC, currently Legalmax Solicitors have instituted a legal action in the Abuja Division of the Federal High Court with a view to addressing the misrepresentations made in the public notice by the commission.

Citizen’s of Rivers State and Nigeria should take time and read all this legal documents clearly before jumping into conclusion saying Chief Jonathan Alatoru of Chemtronics Nigeria Limited is fraudulent.

Originating Summons:

Affidavit In Support Of Originating Summons:

Publications Made By The Economic And Financial Crimes Commission [EFCC]:

To The Economic and Crimes Commission[EFCC] | Notification Of Lawsuit from Legalmax Solicitors, Legal practitioners representing Chief Jonathan Alatoru.


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  1. Hmm dis is serious o

  2. who is wrong here?

  3. why do the EFCC always go for the wrong guys? then what of those bad leaders dat have been killing us and looting out money... EFCC no de see dem?

  4. It is better to hear both sides of any case.

  5. Jonathan Alatoru , This is just a cheap attempt to field yourself as a man of integrity . I am sure you are aware that the Commission equally responded to the originating summons filed by you. The said originating summons was dismissed on the application of the EFCC counsel at the Federal High Court, FCT, Abuja . Also, there is a charge preferred against you at the Federal High Court, Port-Harcourt in Charged No. FHC/PH/01C/2015 , wherein you are being charged for offences of forgery, conspiracy and obtaining money by false pretence.
    If really you are a man of integrity as you claim, you should submit yourself to the Jurisdiction of the Federal High Court, Port- Harcourt to face the criminal charge against you. You should desist from attempting to score cheap point against the Commission through social media.


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