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Flood takes over Anambra communities

Governor Peter Obi  of  Anambra State has solicited for assistance to tackle the effects of ravaging floods. He made this call Saturday while touring the affected local governments of Ayamelu, Ogbaru, Anambra West and Anambra East.

The governor, who had a hectic day accessing the affected areas in canoe, cancelled his planned trip  to Mexico tomorrow on the reason that it is only a man devoid of feeling for his people that would travel out from the state for whatever reason, while his people faced dangers of death and displacement.

”The only trip I am disposed to undertake for now is answering calls to come for aid for the affected communities or for discussions on how to mitigate the suffering of those affected”, the governor said.

In some of the communities he visited, he held meetings with the stakeholders on the best possible way to render immediate assistance to the people. Besides giving  directives to his cabinet members from affected communities to stay with their people and take charge of government support to them in the form of relief materials, the state has also set up camps for the displaced and sent vehicles and boats to evacuate those who are trapped in different parts of Anambra  including those taking refuge on tree tops.

In  some of the places visited, flood has completely taken over. Buildings as tall as three stories and palm trees were completely covered by flood.

“ We have not borrowed a dime or raised bond, but the crisis we are facing now is better seen than explained. We will continue to do everything possible to see that our people are taken care of even if it means borrowing this time around”, Obi said.

At Ogbaru,  Obi visited some camps where women were seen cooking food for the displaced. After monitoring events, he ordered more ambulances to be sent to some accessible camps for medical emergencies.

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