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Wife Divorced For Having Triplets.

She was delivered of a set of triplet on May 4, 2012, and barely two days after the two boys and a girl arrived, her husband, Kabiru Yusuf, divorced her for giving him three babies at a time. Before giving her the red card, Yusuf beat the mother of the triplet silly. Welcome to the world of 26-year-old Zainab Siraju.

When the news of Zainab’s ordeal first broke out about four months ago, not many residents of Kaduna, Kaduna State believed the story. All efforts to trace Zainab then, also proved abortive until August 30, 2012, when she returned to the hospital to enable the triplet undergo medical treatment.

Zainab vowed that even if the father of her new babies made efforts to reconcile with her, she would never go back to a man who had no pity for her.

“Two days after I put to bed and was discharged from the hospital, I received the beating of my life from my husband for giving birth to triplet. The next thing was that he issued me a divorce letter,” she said.

The embattled woman, who could not hold back tears while narrating her ordeal, accused her run-away husband of lack of care. This was even as she alleged that she was beaten up by her brother in-law for daring to make her case known to the media. However, Zainab whose marriage to Kabiru Yusuf was her second, said she had no regret having the triplet despite the rejection by their father. Zainab, who also had three boys for her first husband, would not state why her first marriage crashed. She simply said she might have been chased her out of her first marriage by fate to have her three bundles of joy for Kabiru Yusuf.
Zainag said: “Actually I was married before, but the marriage didn’t last. I had three children there who are presently with their father. I believed I left my first husband because I was destined to have triplet for Kabiru and these are my first delivery for him.

“But, since he divorced me for having triplet, I moved in with my parents in Tudun Wada here in Kaduna, where assistance have come from good people, who have been assisting me with money, food and clothes.”

The mother of six also disclosed that a few days after her return from the hospital, her husband’s younger brother also attacked her for disclosing her ordeal to the public through the media.

Asked if she would go back to her husband, Zainab said: “I will not go back to him even if he begs me because of his uncaring attitude, which I am sure he can’t stop. He didn’t take care of me despite the fact that he works at Panteka.

“He was aware before my delivery that I was carrying triplet. He was adequately informed, because we did scan and it was revealed that I was pregnant with triplet.

“I am not disturbed that I gave birth to triplet. I use this opportunity to thank God for blessing me with the triplet and I pray to God to bless them for me.”

Zainab also ruled out the possibility of getting married again, saying that all that mattered to her was how to cater for her children.

Hear her: “I’m not planning to re-marry. I want to take proper care of my children, give them good training and a sound education. So, I will welcome any job opportunity that comes my way to enable me take care of my babies.”

Also the Matron-in-charge of Paediatrics at the Yusuf Dantosho Memorial Hospital, Mrs. Ajiyana Ramatu, said: “After her delivery, her husband came here, as if he was going to do something, but did nothing. So, I had to go round my colleagues to see if there was any material assistance that we could give her.
“In the process, some people gave some cash while others brought clothes. Two days later, when she was discharged from the hospital, she was divorced for giving birth to triplet.”

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