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Students of Convenant Uni Suspended From Watching Music Video

A student of Covenant University, Ota has been suspended by the school authorities after he was caught watching a music video. The Covenant University student (name withheld), was caught watching the nearly x-rated music video of
Jarmeu’s “Booty Bash”, who is one of Nigeria’s fast rising artistes.

The school, which is owned by Nigeria’s billionaire’s pastor, David Oyedepo’s Winners Chapel Church, as most people might have heard, does not allow the use of mobile phones by its students.

Therefore, when the student’s phone was seized, it was discovered that he had been watching a music video that had the flaunting of ‘booties’, which belonged to Jarmeu. The student was then punished for ‘indecent conduct’ and got suspended from the school by the school authorities

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