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Official Online Release | “Star Story” the 8Theory Mixtape by Katlem Grand Band

Its finally here, the most anticipated Mixtape album of the moment “STAR STORY” the 8Theory hits major online stores and websites today, the album comes packed with 8 dynamic tracks with a perfect blend of Afro Hip-Hop, Soul and Pop.
This mixtape comes with cover tracks from top dogs in the industry like Drake, Wiz Khalifa, Lil Wayne, and more.. the industry has never had it this good, dope lyrics with remarkable melody, a-must-download I will say, get your mouse clicking on the download links below..

1)      Am On One – (Originally “AM On One” by Drake & Dj Khalid)
      Download Now

2)      Its Alright – (by Otee Beatz)
            Download Now

3)      Bad Man Tin – (Originally “Black & Yellow” by Wiz Khalifa)
      Download Now

4)      Over Rate – (Originally “New Servitude” by Anno Domini Beats)
      Download Now 

5)      Mirror – (Originally “Mirror On The Wall” by Lil Wayne & Bruno Mars)
      Download Now

6)      HeadLines – (Originally “Headlines” by Drake)
      Download Now

7)      H.Y.F.R – (Originally “H.Y.F.R” by Drake & Lil Wayne)
      Download Now

8)      Boogie My Boo – (Originally “Hold Yuh” by Gyptian)
      Download Now

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